MaFlot - Matlab Flow and Transport


MaFloT is a Matlab based 2D Finite-Volume algorithm to simulate flow and transport in porous media. It was designed as a reference code at the Institute of Geophysics (now part of the Institute  of Earth Sciences) at the University of Lausanne to evaluate multiscale algorithms. It can be downloaded free from this webpage. A detailed explanation of the package and the input-file can be found on the INTRODUCTION page.   In addition MaFloTT, a two-phase flow package including gravity and capillary pressure effects is also downloadable from this webpage. Both codes are subject to the conditions of GPL license.

Access to the DOWNLOAD page is password protected. Username and password can be asked for in writing a short email to:



In case one of the codes is used for any kind of scientific research, please put reference to this webpage or to the JCP publication in which the code was used.

We thank Manav Tyagi, Brad Mallison & Hadi Hajibeygi for contributing to the early development of the code!

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A FINITE-VOLUME BASEd Matlab Function to Simulate Flow & Transport in Porous media